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Visual Systems Corporation is a privately held company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Visual Systems provides custom software, consulting services, and development tools for Java, UNIX, and Windows. Our mission is to provide expert consulting services and produce high-quality development tools designed to simplify and enhance the development process. Software developed by Visual Systems is in use at more than 11,000 installations throughout the United States.

Visual Systems was founded in 1991 to produce high-quality development tools. In 1993, Visual Systems completed a relational database system to be used in custom applications. In 1994, we completed and released our first commercial product, GUI-Kit™. GUI-Kit is a cross-platform GUI toolkit for C and C++. Currently, Visual Systems is focusing on the development, marketing, and production of its RE-Source™ real estate CDs, developing its Ener-J™ Java-based ODBMS (object database system), and providing leading edge consulting services.

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